Training is offered across the chasm from Start-up through Fortune 1000 companies to government and educational institutions. Individualized and group coaching is offered on subjects such as Leadership, Teamwork, Corporate Stress, Mission Preparedness, Strategic Planning and Fitness. We ensure more than just a single serving of motivation. Our goal is actual transformation.


Navigating these challenges isn't easy. When combined, these challenges grow to chaos. Chaos generates fear. Fear becomes the mind killer. And as the mind retreats, so does your ability to lead yourself, let alone others, to every day mission success. Triton Team™ members have been deliberately trained to face and overcome these challenges. Navy SEALs promote a culture that thrives on chaos. They apply rigorous and creative problem solving techniques against the ever-present unknown encounter and never, ever stop training for versatility.




Speaker Series

Gain insight into the remarkable SEAL philosophy on teambuilding, leadership, stress management and planning.  All speakers are former Navy SEALs. Lectures are typically 45 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer session held at the end (1 hour total).


Team Building Progression

Team Building Progression is a combination of events, lectures and lessons held over a period of time. A team is typically started out with a “Day at the Beach” style event followed by progressively more complex and mentally challenging events.  Team Building Progression is modeled after the SEAL training model of progression from BUD/S all the way to the platoon.


This longer-term approach is designed to solidify individual lessons and skills provided by the events over a period of time.