BUD/s Day on the Beach

Modeled after the SEAL selection course (BUD/s), the Day on the Beach event will challenge and unify any team. This event pushes individuals and to their mental and physical limits. The individual must innovate and make decision rapidly under extreme stress conditions while focusing on group success.


Shooting Range

Like golf but more exciting. Shooting is a challenging task that requires focus and attention to detail. Triton Team offers group shooting events and one on one executive training. Courses are offered in rifle, pistol and tactical shotgun.


Close Quarters Combat

Close Quarters Combat (CQB) is one of the most challenging missions undertaken by the SEAL Teams. Fighting inside of a house requires split second decisions and the ultimate in situational awareness. Rapid individual and team decisions make this an exciting event that can shape a team.


Shooting Range / CQB

A combination event that starts on the shooting range teaching weapons handling and marksmanship theory and ends in the “kill house.” This is a full day event that brings teams outside of their element and shifts the paradigm of corporate leadership.


Land Navigation

Before GPS and roads humans traveled the earth with a compass and by observing the terrain. This event is typically performed in pairs and involves using a map and compass to navigate challenging terrain between a series of points. In contrast to the tactical events that require split second decision and stress management, land navigation focuses on medium to long term planning and execution.



Triton paintball events are a fun group exercise that helps build the competitive nature of teams. Each event starts out with lessons on SEAL land warfare techniques. Instructors are then sent with each group and the battle begins.


Tandem Skydiving

Skydiving gives the participant a chance to rise to the challenge. Skydiving is offered to both individuals and teams. Tandem skydives with both SEAL and non-SEAL instructors are offered.


Wind Tunnel

When SEALs are first learning how to skydive they start in the wind tunnel. The wind tunnel lifts you off the ground with a giant fan. “Flying” is a challenging activity that teaches focus and attention to detail. This event becomes a group exercise as the group helps the individual work on technique and maintain stable flight.